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How to Choose a Vibrator
Vibrators come in many shapes and sizes, each with their own pros and cons. Choosing the vibrator that's right for you is part process of elimination and part super fun homework assignment. Consider these questions when choosing your first or your twenty-first vibrator.

  • Do you want a battery powered or electric vibrator?
  • Are you looking for a vibrator for penetration or clitoral stimulation?
  • What kind of vibration are you looking for?
  • What material should your vibrator be made from?
  • How loud is your vibrator?
  • Do you want a vibrator for you, your partner, or both of you?

Vibrator for penetration or clitoral stimulation?
One way to choose a vibrator is based on how you want to use it. Most people prefer
hard plastic vibrators for external clitoral stimulation, and choose soft rubber vibrators or silicone vibrators for penetration play. It's hard to find a vibrator that will be good for all seasons, as it were, but any soft vibrator that has a motor near the tip

Choosing a vibrator material
Whether it's a hard plastic vibrator, silicone rubber vibrator, plain rubber vibrator, or the new elastomer material vibrator, choosing the right vibe can be about finding a material that works for you. While many people don't react to less expensive rubbers, these materials contain chemicals that may cause immediate allergic reactions, or may have longer term concerns that we aren't completely sure of at this moment. If you have sensitive skin, live with environmental allergies or multiple-chemical sensitivities, or if you're concerned about what you put in and on your body, you might want to read up on our different sex toy materials and be sure you're using a toy that you can feel good about after it stops buzzing.

Noise levels of vibrators
Most vibrators make a buzzing noise, but not all vibrators are created equal when it comes to noise level. Our site offers noise level ratings for all our vibrating toys.


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